Fairfax County Adult Alternative High School
4105 Whitacre Road, Fairfax, VA
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Grades 9-12
Principal Administrator: Brad Rickel
FCPS Programs
Special Features
  • Volunteer Learning Program
  • Two graduations a year
  • Block scheduling
  • Classes Mondays through Thursdays afternoons and evenings
  • Computers and Tutors Lab
  • Credit by Objective program
  • Drop-in writing lab
  • Eleventh month program – mid-September through mid-August
  • Harvest of Cultures
  • History on Location
  • Individual and classroom tutors
  • Open enrollment
  • Student Leadership Association
Business Partnership
  • Department of Family Services
  • Department of Rehabilitative Services
  • Falls Church and South County SkillSource Centers
  • Fairfax County Juvenile Court
  • Fairfax County Library System
  • Virginia Employment Commission
  • Dunn Loring Rotary Club
  • McLean Rotary Club
  • Roundhouse Theatre
Attendance Area This school serves all of Fairfax County

School Summary
Fairfax County Adult High School is unique in that it is the only designated FCPS adult high school. Our students are seeking a traditional high school diploma by earning the required number of credits. Students have the opportunity to earn those credits in a classroom setting or through independent study options.

The mission of Fairfax County Adult High School is to provide an adult student-centered educational environment which is academically challenging, innovative, individualized, equitable, and standards based. Our goal is to encourage and respect open dialogue that values our students’ and teachers’ experiences as part of a unique educational program. We challenge students to take responsibility for their own education, to realize their potential, and to become lifelong learners along with their teachers.

Fairfax County Adult High School students come from diverse backgrounds and with varied experiences to evening classes. Immigrants from Latin American countries, Asia, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, and Europe and people from all across the United States enrich the Fairfax County Adult High School community. All our adult students bring unique cultural gifts and experiences to share with other students as well as with the teachers and staff. The student body is like a tapestry, where every thread is unique and vibrant, yet an integral part of the whole.

In addition to representing many countries and speaking 24 languages, the Fairfax County Adult High School students range in age from 18 to 74. At any one time, you will encounter more than 400 students taking from one to four classes while they work toward achieving their high school diploma.

The purpose of Fairfax County Adult High School is to ensure that no adults are left behind so that they can competently pursue their career ambitions. Adults enter the high school completion program with a variety of experiences on which to build; the creative task of the administration and teachers is to weave those experiences of adult life into the competencies required to succeed in the content courses and to pass the Standards of Learning tests.

Fairfax County Adult High School provides traditional high school classes in a non-traditional environment, accredited correspondence coursework, supervised independent study, dual enrollment at Northern Virginia Community College, scheduling flexibility, individualized support, and referral to other Adult and Community Education programs. Fairfax County Adult High School follows the same scope and sequence as the FCPS secondary program of studies. The program is designed to educate adults to improve their abilities as parents, employees, and citizens; to reinforce the value of lifelong learning; and to provide counseling to adult students in defining their personal, academic, and career goals; and to provide the resources for adults to achieve their high school diploma.

Last Updated: 2014-08-18