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Name of Program or Service:  Foreign Language Experience - FLEX            print-friendly version

Contact Person:   Joey Teets

Program Overview:


FLEX is a before- and after-school world languages enrichment program for elementary school children. Children are introduced to a language through stories, games, interactive instruction, cultural activities, and music. The emphasis is on spoken language and learning about other cultures.

The goals of FLEX are to:

FLEX classes and registrations are organized and handled at individual elementary schools by the FLEX Parent Teacher Association representative. Languages vary from school to school; Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and German are among the most popular. Most children who attend FLEX classes are enrolled in the same school; however, FLEX classes are open to children from private schools or homeschooled children, but parents must provide transportation. If a FLEX program is not offered at a particular school in Fairfax County, individuals can contact the FLEX program office for information on how to start one.