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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Statement from Fairfax County School Board Chair on FY 2017 Budget

            The following is a statement from Fairfax County School Board Chair Pat Hynes:
"We are dismayed that Fairfax County Executive Ed Long has ignored the pleas of parents, students, employees, and community members to fully fund Fairfax County Public Schools’ budget in FY 2017. Despite calling for a tax increase, Mr. Long’s budget signals no increase to the schools above last year’s budget guidance of 3 percent while increasing the county’s budget by a greater percentage.  This is a crushing blow to the more than 185,000 students who depend on the schools to help shape their future and to the teachers who have experienced year after year of little or no salary increases, often having to shoulder the added expenses of health care and retirement increases. This news means that, unless the Board of Supervisors provides for a funding increase above Mr. Long’s recommendation, Fairfax County Public Schools will once again have to make damaging budget cuts that will reduce educational opportunities for our children. 
“FCPS excellence cannot be maintained by continued budget cuts. This decision will have far-reaching consequences, affecting more than FCPS students, teachers, and families.  It will ultimately impact property values and businesses in Fairfax County and sends a dangerously misleading message that our community no longer places the same value that it once did on the benefits of a great school system."